Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2 gets an official release date

Solo leveling season 2 release date is officially out.

Solo Leveling is an anime adaptation of a popular manwha novel brought to life by A-1 Pictures. The anime aired from January 2024 to March 2024, consisting of 12 episodes.

Crunchyroll has confirmed that Solo Leveling Season 2 is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2024.


Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2 is expected to add another 13 episodes, making up the second half of the promised 25 episodes.

While it's technically considered the "second half" of the first season in Japan, Crunchyroll simplified it by labeling it as Season 2.

With only 45 of 200 chapters, Solo Leveling Season 2 has the potential for further exploration and adaptation.

Hunters, humans naturally born with superhuman abilities, venture out to fight monsters and collect valuable resources.

The story follows Sung Jinwoo, an E-Rank hunter struggling to support his family. After a life-changing encounter, Jinwoo becomes a Player, gaining access to quests and the ability to improve his abilities through leveling up.

The story continues in Solo Leveling Season 2

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven't watched Solo Leveling Season 1.

In Episode 12, Sung Jinwoo ultimately changed into the Shadow Monarch. Therefore, it is anticipated that the Red Gate Arc would begin with episode 13, the first of season two.

The first season of the anime revolves around the transformation of E-Rank's weakest hunter, Sung Jinwoo, who seizes his second chance at life after failing a mission involving a double dungeon.